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Broken Heart Ministries Projects in Romania

Transitional Living Center is a residential living center for youths exiting orphanages, the streets and from extreme poverty. TLC trainees are expected to be discharged into the community with an increased awareness of personal responsibility and spiritual self efficacy in the areas of community living; self-maintenance, communication and employment. Youths are encouraged to establish & pursue educational and career objectives.  Program cycles are 12 to 24 months in duration.

Training & Development
is a public and academic education program designed to promote infrastructure development within the community to serve children with special needs and their families. Ongoing continuing education lecture series are provided to professional and layman who care for children with disabilities.

Capacity Building Project
is a strategic outreach to NGOs and local government authorities to partner to develop services and legislation to support the development of community services to meet the needs of children.


The TLC Boys - Christmas 2008

Academic Scholarship Program provides those who have demonstrated academic aptitudes toward higher education with the financial support they need to attend higher education institutions in country and abroad. This includes Bible College, and Trade schools.

Foster Parent
is a project which recruits and equips foster parents with a particular emphasis on serving the at risk population of foster kids, those with special needs.

Life Style Re-design
is a project that uses the therapeutic practice of occupational therapy to address the cognitive & psycho-social development of orphan children who have been on the streets, and those at risk children who have been removed from homes secondary to neglect, poverty or abuse.

Village Outreach
is a project to search for places of need and to provide substantive assistance through humanitarian aid, and charitable deeds.  For example, building a playground in a Roma Village, financing construction projects to prevent homelessness, Summer Camps, temporary housing, distribution of blanket, clothing, food, medicine, and financing dental care are all types of projects the foundation has help to develop and sponsor.

Quilters Guild
is a project to provide quilts for children in Romania, and to raise funds to support other outreach projects.